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Introduction To Craps

Craps is one of the most popular casino games around the across the gaming world. This cool and fun game found its way into the casinos way back in the early 19th century and its believed to be a clone of its earlier version called the hazard. Craps have a user interface that is beautifully designed to entice and stimulate both the beginners and old time casino lovers. With over 20 bets that can be placed and craps strategy that is easy to understand, this table based game offers unmatched quality in terms of flexibility hence a good reason why you should give it a try.

How To Play Craps

Players of any casino game including craps should always interact with game guides and game reviews to get an informed approach on how to play and most probably record the coveted wins. Important to how the game is played is the knowledge of craps bets and how the player or the casino interface looks like. For craps, the game is based on a table platform that comes with extremely tempting payouts. The game basically involves two dices that are rolled across the game’s table with the aim of getting a specific number that matches with the combined values of the rolled dice.The minimum wager placeable is 1 while the maximum is 100.

The most common craps bets are the pass line and don’t pass line bets. However, there are other craps options whose rules, strategies and winning combinations are more complex. The craps mode is activated when a player selects the amount he wants to be put to a stake by clicking on the available chips. A player shall then select a pass line he wants to bet on. The dice is rolled and the numbers drawn are revealed. If the outcome of the roll is 7 and 11 the pass line bet wins with a payout of 1:1. If the outcome of the roll is 2, 3, and 12 a pass line bet shall lose.

Craps also, have the don’t pass line bets. The rules guiding this type of bet are easily available on game’s reviews and major casino sites. They are as follows. When a player chooses this option he shall be betting on a roll of both 2, 3 on the first roll of the dice. This means that when a player is wagering to win when everyone is losing. When the come out roll is 7 or 11 a player loss. In the case of a 12, a push is yielded. If any other number is rolled it automatically becomes a point.

Online Craps Bet Rules

When playing craps either for fun or for real money stakes any player should always harm himself with a number of rules that guide every step of the game. The craps rules may slightly vary depending on the variant of the game or the type of bets that a player wishes to place. A player is required to select the amount that he wants to bet by just clicking on the availed chips. Having done so, he must select the appropriate bets line by also clicking on the lines. When it comes to pass line craps bet the principle rule is that a player shall win if the first roll of the dice is 7 or 11. He shall lose if the outcome is 2,3 or 12. In the don’t pass line craps bets the overriding rule is that a player shall win if he the outcome of the first dice roll is 2 or 3 while 12 shall yield an extra push

Craps Strategies

Many casino games whether online or otherwise usually come strategies that are aimed at reducing the casino’s edge significantly, craps are not an exception. Appreciating the fact that a casino’s edge can be reduced, various gaming experts have come up with the following strategies. The five-count craps strategy will arguably reduce the player’s losses on the table. It suggests that a player should be interested in players who show their worth by counting one to five times before placing a bet. This because on different counts, the outcome of the rolls are is different. Other craps strategy includes the odds strategy and the Martingale strategy.

The odds Craps strategy as the name suggests is based on bet odds of the game. It suggests that once a player has chosen the ‘above’ bets he should go with their odds since a point as already been established. This way a player shall reduce the already low house edge to 0% hence increasing the chance of a win. The martingale strategy is premised on the fact past events can influence future events. As such it suggests that a player should start with single bets of the table,s minimum. In case you lose you should double your wager in the next round of the game until you reclaim all your losses.

Different Types of Craps

Craps casino games have a number of variants depending on the bets, game-play rules and strategies. Bank craps- This is quite popular for online casino game players. This version involves bets that are only placed against the casino. The edge of the house in this variant is a promising 1.4 %. There is also the high points craps; under this version, initial rolls of 2 and 3 are ignored to a point where a different total is made. A roll of 11 and 12 shall result in a payout ratio of 1:1 while any other number will be the point. As such you have to roll a number above the point to win. The house edge is 2.35%.’Crapless’ version of the game is also available. However, this variant is unpopular with many casino sites because it avails better odds to players hence reducing a casino’s edge greatly. As such a player’s chances of losing a game in this variant are quite minimal

Tips And Tricks For Craps Beginners

Craps casino game is such a fun to play. The game offers you an exquisitely designed table platform that lets you roll the dice and compare the outcomes for you to win the game. This game is very popular in online platforms and land-based casinos hence its simple strategies and rules are available for you in plenty. For the beginners, it is highly advisable to try fun games before you start wagering for real money so that you can have a firm grip of rules to be followed. Available on popular casino apps this game can be played on your mobile devices with the comfort of your home.

Glossary Terminologies

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is The Craps Game Winner Determined?

Like any other casino game whether online or otherwise, the aim of any player in craps game is to win. The winning combination will basically depend on the type of bet one has placed. With pass line bet, a player wins if the first come out roll has an outcome of is 7 and 11. In the don’t pass line bets, a player wins if he gets an outcome of 2,3 and 12.

Do Different Bets Have Different House’s Edge?

When a player seeks to study different strategies, his goal is to understand the house edge of casinos offering craps game. As such different versions of the game have different casino’s edge. For instance, the pass line bets have a house edge of 1.41% while the don’t pass line bets have an edge of 1.36%.

Which Is The Optimal Craps Strategy?

Well, All players across the gaming world will always concern themselves with strategies which will boost their chances of winning. In craps casino game there exists a number of strategies which include the odds bet strategy and the martingale strategy. As to whether one is better than another, it will depend on which choice a player has made and how fruitful it has been in terms of yielding wins.

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