A Double Jackpot Winner Strikes Again with $825K at PokerStars

A jackpot winner from Bermuda, started a new year with a bang by winning another Winstar jackpot worth $825k. This lucky player definitely found a great way to hit the January blues at the PokerStars casino. Last year the same player won the jackpot on the Genie Jackpots Slot, at the same casino, and got himself this incredible winning worth $428,000. Two jackpots in one year is a dream come true, but this lucky guy really nailed it.

Winstar jackpot can change your life

This one guy really did it and won over $800k Winstar jackpot at PokerStars online casino. This kind of winning can definitely change your life. Last year when the same man won his first jackpot, he told that he is going to pay off debts, invest in his own business and also donating some money for charity. This man definitely made his dreams come true. And he did it by playing Winstar Slot game developed by Blueprint Gaming. The best part of this winning is that it shows that dreams can come true. You can win that jackpot too. So, what are you waiting for? It’s totally possible to make a big win on slots. If you want to win at online slots, all you need to do is to play.

The next jackpot is already waiting

The best part of online slots is that there is always a new jackpot waiting. So, the next Winstar jackpot could be yours. All you need to do to win at online slots is to start playing. You don’t necessarily need to play Winstar to win. There are thousands of online slots out there. Just pick your favourite one. You can also try online poker or sportsbooks. Do some research online to find the best casino games for you. Then hit the right online casino, register, get all those free spins and bonuses and start playing. When you keep playing constantly and strategically, you will soon find out that winning at online slots is possible. That way you’ll be on your way to becoming the next online slot jackpot winner.

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PokerStars online casino offers a huge amount of virtual and live casino games. All games are powered by well-known and trustworthy software providers including NetEnt, Microgaming, Blueprint Gaming and several others. This online casino offers a wide selection of games and it also offers a mobile casino which is easy to access with iOS and Android devices.

Winstar slot is a five reel slot with three rows and ten paylines developed by Blueprint Gaming. Winstar compares well with other online slot games such as a very popular Starburst and Reel Rush. This slot is very enjoyable and it makes you want to keep playing more and more.

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A British Player Banks a £3.8M Jackpot While Playing in Work

A British construction worker in his thirties got rid of January blues with a bang. This lucky guy has admitted that he won the jackpot worth £3.8M during his work break. This guy definitely knows how to be productive during breaks as well. This man won the biggest Loot’en Khamun jackpot anyone has ever won at Bwin online casino. The best part of reading this kind of success stories is that there is already another Loot’en Khamun slot jackpot waiting.

This Kind Of Loot’en Khamun Jackpot Changes Your Life

Winning at casino slots can definitely turn your whole life upside down. This guy who won the Loot’en Khamun jackpot worth £3.8M knows that. He has told to the media that he has yet no idea what to do with all that money. He said he will at least buy a new house for his family, but since the jackpot was so big, there is plenty of money to fulfil other dreams as well. Big win slots game could change your life as well if you only give it a chance. Pick your favourite online casino like Bwin.party that is owned by PokerStars and start playing. You can play Loot’en Khamun Slot like this lucky British guy but there are several other big win slot games that can change your whole life.

You Really Can Win The Next Jackpot

Winning a jackpot on slots may seem impossible, but it’s not. You can be the next jackpot winner. Winning a Loot’en Khamun jackpot worth £3.8M is not something that happens every day but this kind of miraculous winnings do happen every now and then. It happened to this British guy so it can happen to you as well. Just pick an online casino that offers a great number of online slots and start playing. Keep playing and who knows what will happen. Maybe this one quick spin during your work break changes your life as well. Keep trying and never give up. Log into your favourite online casino and start playing. That way you’ll be on your way to becoming the next online slot jackpot winner.


PokerStars Bwin.party online casino is an experienced online casino that offers a wide selection of popular online slots, live games, video poker and table games. This online casino was launched back in 2001 and it offers online games powered by the well known and trustworthy software developers such as Microgaming.

Loot’en Khamun Slot powered by PartyGaming is a slot game with 243 virtual paylines in the base game and 1024 ways to win during the free spins bonus round. The game has 5 separate progressive jackpots and currently, the highest jackpot for this game is over four and a half million. You can play this slot at many online casinos, for example at Bwin.party.

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Mega Moolah Kicks off 2017 by Landing a Massive €6M Win!

There is a reason that the Mega Moolah slot is known online as a millionaire maker. In just the first three months of 2017, it created no less than three new multi-millionaires! Another player has just hit the Mega Moolah jackpot while playing on his mobile, with an incredible win of €6.6 Million. The jackpot has been hit 31 times since the apparition of the game in casinos in 2000, and the total amount of prizes won rockets to €647 Million. That’s enough to make a few heads spin when you realise that your life can take a sudden turn for the best is just a few clicks.

One More Lucky Winner Of The Mega Moolah Jackpot

The latest winners of the Mega Moolah Jackpot was simply playing on his mobile on Zodiac Casino when he won those €6 Million. He was taking advantage of an introductory offer of “80 chances to become a millionaire” for only 1€ by Casino Rewards. It is the second mobile winner since the start of the year, with the previous one winning over €6 M after he subscribed for 5€ to a “100 chances to be a millionaire” offer on Captain Cooks Casino. And if that’s not proof enough that Mega Moolah Slot is a must when you want to win at online slots, just think that the biggest jackpot winner made the Guinness World Records, after winning £13.2m in 2015 on a 0.25p bet! Microgaming definitely surpassed themselves with this big win slot.

Win One Of The Four Jackpots Available In This Slot

Mega Moolah is a 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines video slot that is known to reward its players more than any other game online. You can play for small amounts to win at online slots, but your chances of getting the bonus jackpot wheel actually increase when you wager more money on a spin. It has four themes, with the Wild Africa slot being the original, and the other ones being American, Egyptian and Holiday respectively. You can try to win the Mega Moolah jackpot while playing any of the themes. On the original one, the Wild is a lion and the Scatter is a monkey. You need three or more Scatters on the reels to trigger 15 free spins, and all your wins in this section will be tripled. The jackpot wheel can only be triggered randomly and gives you the option to win one of the four jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major and Mega.


Captain Cooks Casino and Zodiac Casino are two of the affiliated casinos where you can play Mega Moolah, on top of their dedicated website. While it works great on mobile and tablet, there is no app on the Itunes or Google app stores so don’t get fooled by apps pretending to be the real deal. The only way to play this Microgaming slot is to play it from your browser. Or you can download it if you are running on Windows and start playing in just one click.

Mega Moolah Slot is possibly the highest paying progressive jackpot slot powered by Microgaming. The jackpot in the base game is 75 000 coins but the real money is in the bonus game that can be triggered while playing any of the four themes. And if one Mega jackpot wasn’t enough, it actually has four separate ones: Mini, Minor, Major and Mega, with the latest one guaranteeing a minimum of €1+ Million!

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A Student Turns $1 into $1,517,303.08 at PokerStars

A student from Uruguay would have never guessed that an online slot game could totally change his life. It was just a regular day at home and the lucky student wanted to have a bit of a good time so he started to play Millionaires Island slot at PokerStars online casino with just a $1 bet. After just 17 spins he nailed it and won the Millionaires Island jackpot worth over $1,5M. And guess what? You can do it too. Just log yourself in to the online casino and start playing.

Millionaires Island Jackpot Turns Your Life Upside Down

Millionaires Island jackpot is one of those things that can completely change your life. This lucky student from Uruguay couldn’t have imagined that one day he could give his parents a secure future. But with $1,5M he can finally take care of his parents who have sacrificed so much for him. This kind of success story is simply inspirational, what’s more the next jackpot is already waiting for you at PokerStars online casino. Just log on to the casino and start playing Millionaires Island Slot or some other big win slots PokerStars has to offer. Winning at slots machines may seem impossible, but it definitely isn’t. All you need to do is to keep constantly playing. You can be the next jackpot winner if you’re ready to play for it.

Just Log Into Your Favourite Online Casino and Start Playing

The only way to win a jackpot is to log into your favourite online casino and to start playing. You don’t need to be an experienced gamer to win Millionaires Island jackpot. Of course, the more you play the more likely you are to win, but some jackpot winners are total newbies and still, they have been able to bank huge jackpots from online slots. But if you want to win, you need to play. If you’re a beginner, do some research and find the online casino that attracts you the most. Then pick a slot game and hit the spin button. The next jackpot is already waiting for you, so go and get it. Once you start playing you’re on your way to becoming the next jackpot winner.


PokerStars offers a huge amount of different online slots from well-known and trustworthy software developers like Microgaming and NetEnt. At PokerStars online casino you can also find video poker, live games and sportsbooks. This online casino definitely knows how to make its customers happy. Their mobile casino is also worth a visit.

Millionaires Island Slot is available for play exclusively at PokerStars online casino. This slot is the only slot in the industry with an exclusive progressive mega jackpot of at least one million dollars, which means every jackpot winner will become an instant millionaire. That makes Millionaires Island one of the most exciting online slot games in the gambling world.

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